4 qualities of successful women entrepreneurs

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While many women have different ideas of what prosperity means, successful women entrepreneurs share common characteristics.

While women have different ideas of what prosperity means, successful women entrepreneurs share some common characteristics. Here are four characteristics of female leaders for both current and aspiring women entrepreneurs to emulate:

1. The Ability to Develop Relationships
The Huffington Post reported that strong, adaptive women look to foster genuine relationships wherever they go. To become prominent in the workforce, ladies are encouraged to network with others—especially women—to create a safety net for their career. Filmmaker Diablo Cody told The New York Times how her friends supported her during times when she felt undeserving of her accomplishments.

“They helped me be excited for things when I was kind of shell​ shocked,” Cody said. “They were the ones who had to literally take me aside at the ‘Juno’ premiere and say, ‘This is fun. You will never forget this. Please enjoy yourself.'”

These support networks will be there for counsel and may help women measure their own progress. Others in the field can offer different perspectives and a safety net when times are tough.

2. Acknowledging Personal Strengths
Due to social stigmas and expectations, women often underestimate themselves and have a hard time recognizing their own strengths. Women’s Leadership Exchange suggested they pay close attention to what they do well. Leaders do not discourage themselves with doubt – they acknowledge what they can and cannot do.

This proactive attitude pushes women to be in control of their decisions and grants them the ability to cultivate change in their own lives and businesses. The source added how they need to also recognize how precious their time is, which means prioritizing tasks and determining when to say yes and no.

Successful women entrepreneurs have to be confident in their capabilities and recognize what power they have in owning their own enterprise.

3. Exhibiting Gratitude and Empathy
Displaying emotions in a business setting is not necessarily a bad thing. It can encourage open dialog and help employees feel more supported in their positions.

The Huffington Post highlighted how successful ladies don’t demand perfection from themselves or others. They are so often expected to juggle multiple roles in their lives, many holding the belief they have to excel at being a mother, wife, and business owner to be the ideal vision of a successful woman—and that just isn’t true.

Female leaders have to ignore these perceived notions. Allowing them to drag down their personal expectations will deter their abilities in the business and put their mental health at risk, according to The Huffington Post. Instead, women need to focus on their personal goals and how they can use their strengths to achieve them.

4. Being the Boss and Putting Themselves First
When women are determined to reach success, they are more likely to obtain it. The Huffington Post recommended women business owners own their strategies and become comfortable in the way they want to get things done. They need to have confidence and faith that they will accomplish their goals in the end.

The Huffington Post highlighted how successful women entrepreneurs schedule alone time for their mental health. This can be difficult when a small business demands so much attention, so the source suggested they actually make an appointment in their calendars for themselves—whether it means going out for a manicure, reading a book or going for a walk doesn’t matter as long as they take a break and relax.

Women business owners who are passionate about their craft will be motivated to be successful and have an easier time getting there. And those who love what they do are more likely to be innovative and stand out in their field.

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