5 things businesses need to know about email marketing

June 2, 2015 in ,

Although email may seem like a basic tool for advertising with so many other options available, companies can still use it to create an effective small business marketing strategy.

Although email may seem like a basic tool for advertising with so many other options available, companies can still use it to augment an effective small business marketing strategy. According to a report by McKinsey, 91 percent of United States consumers use email every day, and the source found it to be 40 times more effective for acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s what businesses should know about email marketing:

1. Customer attraction and cost efficiency
Both clients and businesses benefit from email marketing. Ascend2 found that  email marketing has improved by 46 percent, and landing pages attracted customers by being most successful, being used 61 percent of the time.

2. Email triggered by behavior is effective
Business 2 Community noted that customers love getting emails with their own name at the top instead of a generic greeting. Personalizing emails will make consumers more likely to read them and keep in touch with companies. They can also be tailored to different audiences, such as current and prospective customers. For example, if a business sells clothing, female consumers should receive emails about sales in the women’s department rather than the men’s and vice versa.

3. Title length doesn’t matter
Sometimes, writers tend to fret over how long the subject of an email is. According to Business 2 Community, it doesn’t matter as much as they might think. Organizations need to instead focus on tailoring the message to its recipient. Entrepreneurs should innovate their email marketing tactics to make content relevant and eye​-catching for customers.

4. Content should be interesting and relevant 
VerticalResponse recommended companies send out emails with links to blog posts, videos, and images related to the business. It will keep customers updated on how businesses are faring and engage them with various types of media.

“If you’re wise, you can leverage other content that you’re spending money and time creating,” Jasmine Sandler told the source. “You could send out a list of the hottest articles of the week or a wrap-up.”

5. Results and communication matters
Interaction with customers is important, especially to determine what information they want businesses to provide. Companies can take the time to improve their content by surveying consumers, VerticalResponse​ suggested. They’ll know what they want to see and read, so entrepreneurs shouldn’t be shy about asking them about their preferences.

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