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Mars Curiosity Brings Business Satisfaction

NASA’s newest Mars rover, Curiosity, survived a harrowing seven minutes of terror to touch down on the Red Planet late Sunday night, at 10:32 p.m. Pacific Time. Half robot, half SUV, Curiosity sports six wheels for feet, a belly-full of scientific instruments, and a set of high-def eyes made possible by a business 150,000,000 miles away in Rochester, New York.

PCI-DDS: The Credit Card Regulation You Should Know About

A customer walks through your door and decides to make a credit card purchase. Fortunately, you’ve decided to accept credit cards after learning how they’re processed, and how much it really costs. But the transaction doesn’t end there. You’re now the temporary keeper of the customer’s credit card number. And that’s a pretty big responsibility. So big, in fact, that the industry created the Payment Card Industry… Read the full article.

Choosing a Credit Card Payment Provider

So, you’ve decided to accept credit cards. Congratulations! Or, maybe you already accept them, but are looking into using a different provider. Either way, you have an important decision to make. Many local and regional companies can compete aggressively on price for your payment processing. However, as a prospective buyer there are many other critical details… Read the full article.

What Are Your Real Credit Card Processing Costs?

As you look to enable your business to accept credit cards, it’s important to know how much credit card processing will cost you and your business.  Even if you have purchased processing services before, you may not be familiar with all of the typical costs you may encounter.

How Does Credit Card Processing Work?

As customers, we’ve come to expect businesses to accept credit cards. But what would it take for you to set up credit card processing at your business? At first glance, the process seems simple: A merchant accepts a customer’s credit card, swipes it, gets an authorization code and prints a receipt. The merchant gets paid, and… Read the full article.