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BuildMyBiz is all about who you are, where you come from, and where you’re going as a business owner. We’re here to help entrepreneurs like you—people who are independent, smart, and determined to succeed. You may already own a business and want to seize new opportunities, or maybe you’re sitting in a cubicle right now with a business idea that could change your life. BuildMyBiz wants to help you get there.

4 characteristics inspiring business leaders share

Being a leader is necessary to inspire employees and give them a role model.

How to develop marketing strategies for a small business

Entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to improve their customer retention, and businesspeople who want to do so can improve their marketing and advertising plans to create lasting relationships with customers.

4 qualities of successful women entrepreneurs

While many women have different ideas of what prosperity means, successful women entrepreneurs share common characteristics.

Finding innovative ways to develop meaningful customer relationships

It can be difficult to figure out what approach to take to create a meaningful relationship through customer service.

How to provide successful performance reviews for employees

Annual performance reviews can help employees become aware of their skills and what they need to improve.