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BuildMyBiz is all about who you are, where you come from, and where you’re going as a business owner. We’re here to help entrepreneurs like you—people who are independent, smart, and determined to succeed. You may already own a business and want to seize new opportunities, or maybe you’re sitting in a cubicle right now with a business idea that could change your life. BuildMyBiz wants to help you get there.

Family Business or Family Feud? 4 Tips for a Successful Family-Run Business

One of the hardest parts of running a business and involving family members is drawing the line between personal and professional relationships.

3 common mistakes of novice small business owners

Small business owners have made plenty of miscalculations, and new entrepreneurs have the ability to learn from them.

3 ways business owners can successfully network

Knowing other business owners and having the ability to make small talk can bring about excitement and inspiration.

Keep the passion alive while making your small business successful

Keeping a small business focused can be tough when you’re in the midst of following your passion.

How data insight and customer information can make for creative decisions

Some owners who haven’t kept up with small business trends and new technology may feel as though financial aspects of the company are holding them back, but are uncertain about what solutions are available.