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Video: The Evolution of Hiring and Employee Motivators

I had a glorious free 15 minutes last night to catch a TEDTalk, and it didn’t disappoint. Brian Halligan (of HubSpot fame) spoke about the evolving state of company culture and new ways to think about hiring employees, particularly millennials – defined as those born after 1980. This age group is the largest segmentation in… Read the full article.

The Luck of the Business Owner

We all know about the luck of the Irish, but judging by the way small-business news is going this month, it might more accurately be the luck of  the British or the Dominicans. Either way, it’s certainly been a month of good fortune in the entrepreneurial and small-business landscape.

Entrepreneurs Toss Aside Paper for 3D Printing

The one moment of last week’s South by Southwest conference that had me wondering if I was indeed living in the time of the Jetsons was during Bre Pettis’ keynote address, where he discussed and demoed a 3D printer. Desktop 3D printing, a field led by Pettis’ company MakerBot Industries, involves scanning an object, creating… Read the full article.

Turn Heads, Turn Pages: Using e-Books in Your Business

In the midst of building up your business, writing a book may very well be among the last things on your mind. But what about an e-book?

Google AdWords Pairs Deals with Search

Within the last week, Google quietly launched what very well could make big waves in small-business marketing. It’s called Google AdWords Offer Extensions, which, in its simplest sense, is a coupon and AdWords hybrid.