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Three Creative Ways to Build Lasting Partnerships

If ever you feel stagnant in your business, look to partnerships to provide that extra push. I firmly believe that the right partnerships can take a small business and turn it into one of the big dogs. That’s why it’s so important to create long-lasting, meaningful partnerships when you do team up with someone.

Here are three different ways to make those partnerships stick: Continue reading »

The 5 Steps to Hiring your Intern

As we dive head first into 2015, college students everywhere are getting ready to start their spring semesters. That means a fresh crop of interns! If your business is looking to hire an intern for the spring/summer seasons, here are five ways to turn that intern into your company’s next MVP. Continue reading »

Why Your Sales Team Should Ditch the Script

Back in the day, it was the norm for most businesses to stick to a script when talking on the phone. Each employee would answer the phone the same exact way, hang up the same way, and, really, go in the same general direction throughout the conversation. Continue reading »

How to Create a Successful Infographic for your Business in 4 Easy Steps

The infographic has taken the online world by storm. It seems there’s an infographic for just about every topic; from strange cat facts to food portion size suggestions. But they’re also a great tool for the small business owner. Continue reading »

The Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Fourth of July

As you prepare to celebrate the 238th anniversary of America’s Independence Day, here are five little-known facts about our nation’s birthday that you can use to wow your friends and family at your holiday celebrations.

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