The 5 Steps to Hiring your Intern

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As we dive head first into 2015, college students everywhere are getting ready to start their spring semesters. That means a fresh crop of interns! If your business is looking to hire an intern for the spring/summer seasons, here are five ways to turn that intern into your company’s next MVP.

Step one: hiring.

It can be tempting to just fill an open spot with a fresh face without much thought behind it. But remember that every intern that passes through your company doors could very well be your next full-time employee. When you’re going over the resumes and cover letters of potential candidates, look for a couple key components: “willing to grow with the company”- not every college student is going to be an expert at what your business does, but if they have the intention to learn and stick with your business for the long-haul they can be a very valuable asset to the team. Any sign of research done about your company—if they put in the work for the interview, they’ll put in the work for the job.

Step two: pay them.

You don’t have to pay your interns close to a full-time salary, but do pay them. Offering some form of incentive motivates people and puts a sense of worth behind their job. If your business can’t afford to pay interns, wait until you can.

Step three: gauge how they interact with the team.

Having intelligent and dedicated people on your team is very valuable, but if they don’t get along with your other employees causing lots of internal problems, all the intelligence and dedication in the world doesn’t matter. Observe how your interns act with your other employees—do they get along? Do they add to the atmosphere? Even check in with your current employees to see how they like the interns- they’d know best, after all, working alongside them every day.

Step four: talk to them about intentions.

As the internship begins to reach its end point, talk to your interns about what they plan to be doing in five years, do they see themselves with your company? If it’s a good fit, they’ll be excited over the prospect of spending more time with your business. If you have to convince someone, though, he/she will most likely not be a very passionate employee.

Step five: hire your new low-risk employee!

But if your interns are excited to move forward to the next step, and you’re excited to hire them, then your company has just gained a couple new, low-risk employees! When you hire someone new into your business who wasn’t previously an intern, there’s always some degree of risk. All you’re going off of is a resume, cover letter, and a couple of interviews. Your new employee could look great on paper but have an extremely low work ethic, or maybe not get along with your other employees. The great part about hiring an intern is that you already know exactly how they work. You get to have a solid test run prior to deciding if you’d like to move forward with full employment or not.

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