Can You Feel Biz Love Tonight? Small Business News – February 11-15, 2013

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Trust, camaraderie, charity…love. Valentine’s Day may have subconsciously caused our news posts to take a turn toward the fuzzy-wuzzy  this past workweek. But regardless of any subliminal motivation, the fact remains that great  ideas will happen when people share their passion for business.

Women business owners partnered with spouses keep the love alive
Successful women entrepreneurs may find running a business with a spouse can be difficult at times, but three marriages featured in Entrepreneur show that love can be made even stronger when tied to a couple’s work.

How can small businesses build trust among clients?
Is there any phrase more unlikely to garner trust than, “trust me”? If you have to ask for it, you haven’t done what you need to earn it. “Management has to be committed to ‘walking the talk’ in every transaction,” according to Roderick Kramer, organizational behavior professor at Stanford University.

Coffee-centered meetings target young entrepreneurs
Ah, java. Nectar of the entrepreneurial gods. The high-octane fuel powering America’s economy. Businesses can now share the love of those magic beans at “1 Million Cups” meetings across the country, sponsored by Innovate St. Louis and the Kauffman Foundation. What better place to let business ideas and partnerships percolate?

The best small business marketing tips may come from charities
When you think of great marketing, you’d be excused for focusing on big companies with millions of dollars in advertising budgets. But don’t ignore the marketing lessons of charitable businesses. According to Creative Review, they’re among the best marketers at tying their missions to their brands.

Small business finance budget should include room for new technology
Technology has long been a part of our personal lives, and now our love for time-saving (wasting?) gadgets is beginning to spread into the workplace. In a study by UBM Tech, 89 percent of executives already welcomed or planned to support iPhone use as a general means of business. This data supports what we’ve been learning about the increase in BYOD policies around the country.

Small business marketing pros still getting a grip on social media
Are you on social? Have you heard the latest about social? Why aren’t you on social? With all the buzz about social media these days, the sheer volume of “expert” opinions and tips can make you stubbornly avoid the whole thing. But at least you’re not alone. The Wall Street Journal reports that only 30 percent of business owners are active on LinkedIn, 22 percent on Facebook, and 14 percent on Twitter. Is this a reason not to join, or an opportunity to claim your market?

Improve small business marketing by learning from other companies
Who knows business marketing better than your fellow business owners? They’ve created their own campaigns, worked with agencies, and most importantly, they’ve seen what works. So, how do you find other businesses owners to talk to? Well, if you’re registered with BuildMyBiz, you can post a question under the Activity tab in your profile. (The link is up in the right-hand corner when you log in). We’d love to hear from you!

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