How to Create a Successful Infographic for your Business in 4 Easy Steps

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The infographic has taken the online world by storm. It seems there’s an infographic for just about every topic; from strange cat facts to food portion size suggestions. But they’re also a great tool for the small business owner. An infographic is easy to digest and fun to look at, making them an excellent resource for reaching out to your desired audience.

So how do you rake in the clicks with a top-notch infographic?

Keep things simple.

Nowadays, people want to receive their information in little bits. That’s why Twitter is so popular, and, often, only newspaper headlines get read. So try not to make your infographic too wordy. You don’t want a reader to take one look and say, “Eh, reading that’s more trouble than it’s worth.” Pick which information is important, and fill the rest of the space with easily digestible visuals.

Play into the seasonal hype.

If you’re ever stumped for inspiration on what sort of theme to assign to your infographic, just look to the weather. Everyone loves a good seasonally themed infographic. Say you own a bakery, instead of “The Top Ten Baked Goods to Fill Your Home With,” try, “The Top Ten Baked Goods to Fill Your Home With This Summer,” to add that extra little punch. This way, you’re setting yourself up for a similar infographic come fall or winter!

Display your research.

The key to making an infographic go from good to great is the research done to back up the information displayed. Do your research to find the best of the best, and display those links at the bottom of the graphic under a “Research” header. If you’re doing your own research (taking polls or holding surveys) just put that straight in the infographic. Under that section’s headline, just insert a sentence stating who you polled and how many people were sampled.

Edit, edit, edit!

There is always a lot going on in an infographic; there are charts and graphs and images. In the midst of all that, it can be challenging to edit for spelling and grammar. That’s why every infographic needs at least a couple of pairs of eyes to edit. As the creator of the infographic, be sure to pass around the finished product to a few team members to give their overall opinions, and to check for little mistakes. If done correctly, an infographic will be passed around the internet quite a bit, so you want to produce a quality piece of work.

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