Engaging Employees Like a Boss

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In ‘60s slang, the word “boss” meant above all others. Just one look at the classic Boss 302 Mustang and you knew it was built for only one reason—to own the road. Human managers and supervisors of the time were similarly bossy. But as the idea of what a boss should be has slowly changed, America’s slang has changed to reflect it. These days you’re more likely to run across the saying, “like a boss,” which means to do anything, especially mundane tasks, with authority (and often a touch of self-deprecating sarcasm.)

Do It Like a Boss

Today, the best leaders are considered to be those who can motivate and engage their employees, not just direct them. By exerting a confident, approachable authority rather than projecting intimidation and ownership, managers can improve the performance of individual employees and the team as a whole.

For example, a Global Workforce study cited in the Paychex white paper “Improving Employee Performance” showed that operating income was 19 percent higher in companies with engaged employees compared to organizations with lower engagement.

So, what does it take to inspire employees to accomplish their own mundane tasks with authority? The white paper provides a few tips:

  1. Clearly communicate expectations and performance standards.
  2. Provide regular feedback, both praise and constructive criticism.
  3. Determine which employees require more supervision.
  4. Educate yourself and your employees on the importance of job training.
  5. Create organized checklists of priorities to help keep employees on track.

While it’s important to know the mechanics behind employee engagement, it’s not enough to simply go through the motions. To truly motivate employees, you should also be fully engaged in your own way. Don’t just do your job, be passionate about it and remember to have a little fun along the way. In other words, do it like a boss.

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  1. Profile photo of Wendy Kelk

    It is so important to communicate well with your employees. As a Manager of conference facilities it’s important for me to communicate effectively with staff and clients.
    Engagement and genuinely wanting to pitch in gains you respect and can then act like a boss!

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