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Are Small Business Owners Finally Optimistic?

If the January numbers from the Discover Small Business Watch Optimism Index are any indication, then small businesses might have reason to cheer: the index is at its highest point in over three years. Small Business Trends rounds-up the data, presenting the good and the not-so-good.

Is Your Business Taking Over Your Marriage?

Happy Valentine’s Day, business builders!

Entrepreneur Magazine asks the question: is your business is taking over your marriage? Have a look at three couples trying to stay connected, handle the inevitable failure, and balance their work and home lives.

For the Bookshelf: 10 Essential Books For Rising Entrepreneurs

Looking for some inspiration? Motivation? Just a good read?

David Garland has put together a great list that includes some of our more recent favorites.

10 Essential Books For Rising Entrepreneurs | The Rise To The Top.

Ever wanted to work in your PJs *and* get a tax break?

The LendingTree Blog asks, “What if you could go to work in your pajamas and get a tax break?” Keep in mind: these tax benefits are based on using space in your home expressly for business, so those of you on the couch with the laptop might want to take a pass; everyone else, read on!

Tax Benefits of a Home Office | The LendingTree Blog.