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Startup Costs for a Business: Licenses, Insurance and More

When most people think of running their own business, their minds go from thinking of the initial idea all the way to sitting in an office with the money steadily rolling in. While that would be ideal for life to work out the way, neglecting the middle steps can be a big reason why new businesses fail. If you have a great idea for a business and are ready to make it a reality, be sure to consider these initial costs of developing your startup. Continue reading »

Video: The Evolution of Hiring and Employee Motivators

I had a glorious free 15 minutes last night to catch a TEDTalk, and it didn’t disappoint. Brian Halligan (of HubSpot fame) spoke about the evolving state of company culture and new ways to think about hiring employees, particularly millennials – defined as those born after 1980. This age group is the largest segmentation in the current working population, and these statistics will only continue to grow. So employers are now tasked with hiring within this demographic and providing incentives and benefits that will keep them there. And if you think their primary motivator is a pension plan, think again. It’s now important to also think about work hours, workplaces, motivation, and inspiration. Ironically enough, my watching this video comes on the heels of the end of the NBC show The Office, which has poked fun at cubicle lands, the monotony of office life, and straddling one’s dreams with the reality of needing a paycheck. Whether or not workplaces are shifting gears, there is a new reality to the idea of working.

If you have employees, may have them in the future, or are one yourself, check out the video below:

A Mother’s Day Dilemma 15,000 Years in the Making

Every year, just before Mother’s Day, we stand in front of the card display or click through screens full of e-cards trying to find the one that says precisely what we mean. Sometimes that’s a sentimental message about life and love and family. Sometimes it’s a “Someecard”. I admit to occasionally leaning toward the latter. (Shameful, I know.) But, no matter how the message is sent,  the ritual and the meaning have remained the same through the years…15,000 years. Continue reading »

Business Permits to Go: The Food Truck Debate

How do you feel about food trucks? It’s a question that many cities and suburbs around the country have been asking ever since the food truck craze began expanding from hotbeds like Los Angeles, Austin, and Portland, Oregon. What makes these food trucks a treat – and a threat – depending on your point of view, is that the fare can often compare to that of more traditional sit-down restaurants, without the owner having to “sit” their rolling business in any one location. Continue reading »

The Luck of the Business Owner

We all know about the luck of the Irish, but judging by the way small-business news is going this month, it might more accurately be the luck of  the British or the Dominicans. Either way, it’s certainly been a month of good fortune in the entrepreneurial and small-business landscape.

Continue reading »