Why Your Sales Team Should Ditch the Script

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Back in the day, it was the norm for most businesses to stick to a script when talking on the phone. Each employee would answer the phone the same exact way, hang up the same way, and, really, go in the same general direction throughout the conversation.

Though, I’m happy to report, when I walk around our office today, I hear a plethora of varying conversations. If you didn’t know any better, in fact, one might think every employee on the phone was taking a personal call, but that’s just how our team talks to customers.

Here’s why we ditched our scripts:

You can’t create a genuine relationship with predetermined conversations.

I often encourage my employees to drift from the topic at hand if they have a second. Say an employee is waiting for a file to load online, or they are on hold with another line, they can use that time to chit chat with the customer in a genuine way. They can talk about weekend plans or ask about where they grew up, etc. It’s in those moments that long-lasting, regular customers are created.

Each customer is unique.

The biggest problem I have with scripts is the fact that they’re assuming that each customer is the same. They drive the conversation in the same direction to produce the same results. Though some customers may have similar questions or issues, each customer is going to need something different to resolve their question or problem. Your employees do need to know how to steer a conversation for the sake of being efficient, but they first and foremost need to hear the customer out to pick up on the necessary clues they need to figure out how to best handle each situation. There is no one right way to handle a customer.

Why set yourself up for problems?

You’ll find that a lot of scripts are set up to offer solutions to problems. Companies do this because dealing with unhappy customers is a touchy part of the job and they want to ensure that issues are being dealt with correctly and consistently. However, I don’t see the need to pitch solutions for problems that may not be there. I know for our business, one of the biggest drivers behind our solid referral rate is that our sales team helps our customers in an organic way, instead of always trying to sell them something while sticking to a script.

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