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Printing can be expensive; it’s even more costly when you mistakenly send docs to be mass-produced that are riddled with errors, contain foolhardy content, or are poorly designed. We’ve all seen promotional fliers that might have been made using Microsoft® Paint from 1997.

Before submitting anything to a printer, run through this checklist to save yourself from a reprint or inclusion on a viral webpage making fun of regrettable prints.

Proofread x2

Nowadays, folks can’t spell too well. Blame spellcheck all you want, but accidents happen. Even to our president (see number 6). Before you pull a Patrick Bateman and proudly print hundreds of business cards telling the world you are in the business of  “aquisitions,” run your idea by someone who can spot these things and save you from yourself.

Check for Design Flaws

Misspellings aren’t the only aspect of your project that will create regret and call for a re-print. If you’re including images (and you should! Visuals and white space are important!), check and make sure that it looks the way you want it to, really. Especially if you modified the image in any way; Photoshop errors are more common than you’d think. You’ll also be wise to make sure that your image will print where you intended on the page, and that the photo resolution won’t wind up blurry. Most print services offer free test prints that eliminate costly and unwanted surprises when your full 500 page order arrives.

Make Sure It’s All Necessary

Print orders include a variety of options from font size to paper type, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that different options come with different price tags. Some fonts require more ink (like Arial), and some less (Times New Roman). Times New Roman, then, will cost you less in the long haul. As will printing on cheaper paper for events that don’t require the finest stock. Make sure that whatever you choose, you choose with intention.

About the Author

Mark Stokvis is the marketing director at Best Value Copy, an online printing service.  With over 14 years of experience in the printing industry, he is an undisputed expert on all things paper, binding, and formatting.

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