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Insight into federal and state regulations that could affect your business.

Navigating Government Contracting

The attempt to expand operations to the federal government as a small business is a scary prospect. The move from the public sector to the federal sector is filled with rules, regulations, and registrations. While it’s a bumpy road, it is one well worth traveling. In 2009, the federal government spent about $96.8 billion on… Read the full article.

Business Permits to Go: The Food Truck Debate

How do you feel about food trucks? It’s a question that many cities and suburbs around the country have been asking ever since the food truck craze began expanding from hotbeds like Los Angeles, Austin, and Portland, Oregon. What makes these food trucks a treat – and a threat – depending on your point of view,… Read the full article.

Confused by the “Cliff?” The Changes that Impact You

While I was on holiday hiatus – laying on the couch, opening presents, and eating my weight in gingerbread cookies – Washington got a move on, brought some resolution to the now-infamously dubbed “fiscal cliff,” and emerged with the law officially known as the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. The cliff also teetered atop… Read the full article.

Paychex Explains Fiscal Cliff Deal: Small Business News – December 31, 2012 to January 4, 2013

With the end of 2012 and the fiscal cliff deal (There’s a joke about “dropping the ball” in there somewhere.) there was plenty of small business news to discuss.

Gift This! Tax Savings Opportunities for Small Businesses in 2012

Give yourself (more specifically, your business) the gift of potential tax credits before the clock winds down on 2012. Paychex, Inc., has identified the top five tax credit opportunities that small businesses can take advantage of before the year ends. However, the key here is timing, so read on and get going.