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7 Mistakes to Avoid Making On Your Small Business Website

Benjamin Kuker of Virtuosi Media offers a high-level list of common mistakes small businesses make on their websites. Take a moment to consider Benjamin’s points against your own site; as he suggests: If your business has an unprofessional website, you’re driving away potential customers and ultimately it means that you’re losing money. 7 Unprofessional Mistakes… Read the full article.

Google’s Social Search Updates: It’s Who You Know and What They’re Saying

Google introduced Social Search in 2009 — a then barebones display of content from selected social networks based on your search terms. The updates they released to their Social Search logic last week could be game changing from SEO and SEM standpoints. Read more about the updates from Google, and then head over to Duct… Read the full article.

Content: The Once and Future King

Filed under ‘snake oil and other far-from-best practices’, Link Wheels offer increased off-page SEO without adding value (and potentially sacrificing your reputation). As Alex Vasquez points out on DigiSavvy: A Link wheel is a quick-fix “silver bullet” that purports to boost your website’s off-page SEO. It consists of using a series of sites that link… Read the full article.