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Video: The Evolution of Hiring and Employee Motivators

I had a glorious free 15 minutes last night to catch a TEDTalk, and it didn’t disappoint. Brian Halligan (of HubSpot fame) spoke about the evolving state of company culture and new ways to think about hiring employees, particularly millennials – defined as those born after 1980. This age group is the largest segmentation in… Read the full article.

This Year’s Flu Season a Pain Point for Small Businesses

I’m happy to report that this blog post is brought to you free of aches, pains, chills, sniffles, and coughs…otherwise known as the flu (but feel free to still reach for the hand sanitizer). Some small businesses with under-the-weather employees may not be able to report such good news though. This year’s particularly severe flu… Read the full article.

Gift This! Tax Savings Opportunities for Small Businesses in 2012

Give yourself (more specifically, your business) the gift of potential tax credits before the clock winds down on 2012. Paychex, Inc., has identified the top five tax credit opportunities that small businesses can take advantage of before the year ends. However, the key here is timing, so read on and get going.

Is Santa’s Bag Only Half Full This Season? Small Business News – December 10-14, 2012

The work week of December 10-14, 2012 brought a mixed bag of presents in terms of small business news.

Update: NFL and Referees Settle 401(k) vs. Pension Question

The comedy of errors (or tragedy, depending on your point of view) is over for NFL teams and their fans. A tentative agreement has been reached between the league and its referees. One of the main sticking points had been whether the refs’ pension plan would be dropped in favor of a 401(k) plan. The… Read the full article.