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Coverage of group health, individual, life insurance, workers’ compensation, and other insurance policies that could benefit you business and its employees.

Protecting Your Business from Employee and Customer Lawsuits

As a business owner, financial success hinges on you keeping your business’ future financial stability in mind. In today’s climate where customers sue companies for not providing very obvious warnings that coffee is hot and carpet adhesive is flammable, all businesses can benefit from liability insurance.

Startup Costs for a Business: Licenses, Insurance and More

When most people think of running their own business, their minds go from thinking of the initial idea all the way to sitting in an office with the money steadily rolling in. While that would be ideal for life to work out the way, neglecting the middle steps can be a big reason why new… Read the full article.

What’s New and What Lasts: Small Business News – January 28-February 1, 2013

Regardless of the growth of the economy, innovative business ideas are constantly being created, discussed, and tested. They either become the new dogma, or are discarded, but all of these ideas have an intrinsic value for small business owners.

This Year’s Flu Season a Pain Point for Small Businesses

I’m happy to report that this blog post is brought to you free of aches, pains, chills, sniffles, and coughs…otherwise known as the flu (but feel free to still reach for the hand sanitizer). Some small businesses with under-the-weather employees may not be able to report such good news though. This year’s particularly severe flu… Read the full article.

Gift This! Tax Savings Opportunities for Small Businesses in 2012

Give yourself (more specifically, your business) the gift of potential tax credits before the clock winds down on 2012. Paychex, Inc., has identified the top five tax credit opportunities that small businesses can take advantage of before the year ends. However, the key here is timing, so read on and get going.