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The Unconscious Mind of John Cleese

No person may be accurately defined by one thing. But as convenient shorthand for a lifetime of achievements, let’s say John Cleese is a member of the British comedy troupe, Monty Python. I’d write the legendary British comedy troupe, Monty Python, but nothing makes comedians seem less funny or relevant than referring to them as… Read the full article.

The Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Fourth of July

As you prepare to celebrate the 238th anniversary of America’s Independence Day, here are five little-known facts about our nation’s birthday that you can use to wow your friends and family at your holiday celebrations.

How Losing The Super Bowl Could Cost Peyton Manning More Than A Ring

When Peyton Manning leads the Denver Broncos onto the field at Super Bowl XLVIII, he’ll be playing to cap a record-breaking regular season. He’ll be playing to cement his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He’ll be playing to silence his critics (and maybe even his baby brother). But, according to… Read the full article.

A Mother’s Day Dilemma 15,000 Years in the Making

Every year, just before Mother’s Day, we stand in front of the card display or click through screens full of e-cards trying to find the one that says precisely what we mean. Sometimes that’s a sentimental message about life and love and family. Sometimes it’s a “Someecard”. I admit to occasionally leaning toward the latter. (Shameful, I know.) But, no matter how… Read the full article.

Business Permits to Go: The Food Truck Debate

How do you feel about food trucks? It’s a question that many cities and suburbs around the country have been asking ever since the food truck craze began expanding from hotbeds like Los Angeles, Austin, and Portland, Oregon. What makes these food trucks a treat – and a threat – depending on your point of view,… Read the full article.