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Everything I Needed To Know About Business I Learned By Losing Weight

Naomi Dunford candidly correlates her own personal weight loss attempt with the struggles every small business owner faces, and offers five pieces of advice (80% of which are certainly applicable to your business; roughly 20% leaning more toward the Epicurean side of things  1. Get very clear on the current situation. 2. Be very, very,… Read the full article.

10 Tips for Becoming a Millionaire in 2011

The deadpan delivery of #1 in this list really makes it worth the time: Tip #1 – Spend Less While many think that earning more is the key to wealth, spending less is often the missing piece.  Most people end up spending as much as they earn (or a little more).  Instead, try to find… Read the full article.

The Five Factors that Drive the Entrepreurial Decision

How do you know when you’re ready to start off on your own? How do you identify the specific circumstances that make entrepreneurship the right move for you? Are there specific circumstances? Do you just know? Gaëtan Mourmant, Assistant Professor at the University of Strasbourg and Katerina Voutsina, of the London School of Economics, identified… Read the full article.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Small Business Style)

The Women’s Business Development Center asks its Chicago small business owners “who do you love for making your small business life a little better?” (via ChicagoNow.com)