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The Three Traits of Successful Female Networkers

Women can stand proud over the progress we’ve made in the business world. It is estimated that women own 8.6 million of US-based businesses, which contribute $1.3 trillion to the economy. But if there is one part of the corporate culture we haven’t yet gotten down to a science, it’s networking. A 2011 GEM Consortium… Read the full article.

Backward Negotiation — a Good Way to Negotiate

Mapping a negotiation backwards is all about envisioning the outcome first then thinking in reverse to attain your goals! Entering a negotiation often calls for getting your allies onboard and making them listen to what you have to say. While the approach is conventional, it may not always be the best way to proceed with… Read the full article.

Protect Your Business, Stop Employee Theft

Employee theft has been an unbridled phenomenon in the business world. Loss-prevention consulting firm Jack L. Hayes International’s study on this problem reveals that more than 70 thousand employees were apprehended in 2012 for thievery, which is 5.5 percent higher than the previous year. More or less $50 million was recovered in those cases, which… Read the full article.

Engaging Employees Like a Boss

In ‘60s slang, the word “boss” meant above all others. Just one look at the classic Boss 302 Mustang and you knew it was built for only one reason—to own the road. Human managers and supervisors of the time were similarly bossy. But as the idea of what a boss should be has slowly changed,… Read the full article.

Video: The Evolution of Hiring and Employee Motivators

I had a glorious free 15 minutes last night to catch a TEDTalk, and it didn’t disappoint. Brian Halligan (of HubSpot fame) spoke about the evolving state of company culture and new ways to think about hiring employees, particularly millennials – defined as those born after 1980. This age group is the largest segmentation in… Read the full article.