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Can You Feel Biz Love Tonight? Small Business News – February 11-15, 2013

Trust, camaraderie, charity…love. Valentine’s Day may have subconsciously caused our news posts to take a turn toward the fuzzy-wuzzy  this past workweek. But regardless of any subliminal motivation, the fact remains that great  ideas will happen when people share their passion for business.

Feeling Stuck? Join the Barry Moltz Webinar February 12

Writer’s block, traffic jams, my peanut butter sandwich finding its way to the roof of my mouth, the adorable pair of shoes on sale that are just a bit too snug…it’s the stuff in my life that gets me stuck in one way or another. For business owners, they may have other concerns.

What’s New and What Lasts: Small Business News – January 28-February 1, 2013

Regardless of the growth of the economy, innovative business ideas are constantly being created, discussed, and tested. They either become the new dogma, or are discarded, but all of these ideas have an intrinsic value for small business owners.

The New Building Boom? Small Business News – January 14-18, 2013

If last week’s news recap had you feeling like the economy (or the sky) was falling, let the news from this past workweek recharge your sense of optimism. It turns out that American business may be building after all. Building better teams, building their customer bases through credit card processing, building new, cost-efficient office spaces and hiring more people to use them. 

Will Facebook’s Graph Search Be the New Way Customers Find You?

Facebook’s announcement yesterday of Graph Search, an internal search engine that will roll out gradually, could mean new opportunities for businesses to utilize the social platform giant. In what very well may be the company’s answer to Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, and other sites, the feature uses the power of its 1 billion+ users and their… Read the full article.