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Will Facebook’s Graph Search Be the New Way Customers Find You?

Facebook’s announcement yesterday of Graph Search, an internal search engine that will roll out gradually, could mean new opportunities for businesses to utilize the social platform giant. In what very well may be the company’s answer to Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, and other sites, the feature uses the power of its 1 billion+ users and their… Read the full article.

Are We There Yet? Small Business News – January 7-11, 2013

This first full week in 2013 has been a slow one for news, and by that I mean everything is pointing to an excruciatingly slow economic recovery. The long shadow of Hurricane Sandy is still with us in certain parts of the country, affecting national employment numbers and business practices. But 2013 has brought a ray of hope (OK, more like a pinpoint of… Read the full article.

Confused by the “Cliff?” The Changes that Impact You

While I was on holiday hiatus – laying on the couch, opening presents, and eating my weight in gingerbread cookies – Washington got a move on, brought some resolution to the now-infamously dubbed “fiscal cliff,” and emerged with the law officially known as the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. The cliff also teetered atop… Read the full article.

Fiscal Cliff or the Road to Recovery? Small Business News – December 17-21, 2012

Are small businesses just lemmings stampeding inexorably over the fiscal cliff? Or are they planning on building a bridge to prosperity in the new year? The news for this past workweek suggested the latter, with new strategies, new hires, cost savings, and contracts promising greater revenue and success just over the horizon.

Gift This! Tax Savings Opportunities for Small Businesses in 2012

Give yourself (more specifically, your business) the gift of potential tax credits before the clock winds down on 2012. Paychex, Inc., has identified the top five tax credit opportunities that small businesses can take advantage of before the year ends. However, the key here is timing, so read on and get going.