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The Big Impact of Small Businesses in Last Week’s Election

In the past week, you may have either celebrated or hung your head with one or more Obama Bahama Mamas or Mitt Juleps in hand as Election Day 2012 came and went. But with the decision now made, take a look at how small businesses influenced how people voted in last week’s election. The results… Read the full article.

SCORE and Paychex Team Up to Support Small Businesses

BuildMyBiz always looks for ways to help the entrepreneurial and small-business community stay on top of business regulations that could make a direct and lasting impact. That’s why we’re happy to announce a partnership between Paychex and SCORE to help spread awareness to small-business owners about potentially costly payroll and HR mistakes.

Update: NFL and Referees Settle 401(k) vs. Pension Question

The comedy of errors (or tragedy, depending on your point of view) is over for NFL teams and their fans. A tentative agreement has been reached between the league and its referees. One of the main sticking points had been whether the refs’ pension plan would be dropped in favor of a 401(k) plan. The… Read the full article.

Under the Hood of the NFL Referee Strike: Pension or 401(k) Plan?

Football is America’s favorite pastime. We come together with family and friends each weekend to watch our favorite team (GO PACK GO!) dominate the competition. But while your team’s players are out on the field, the NFL referees you love to scream at are missing. Yep, they’re on strike. And one of the main reasons is whether the league… Read the full article.

Find Safe Harbor from a Stormy Retirement. Deadline: October 1

We all know it’s important to save for retirement, yet most of us spend more time planning our next vacation than we do our financial futures.  Spending the time to understand and implement the right 401(k) vehicle that will help your realize your dreams in your golden years is essential.  Because of looming government deadlines… Read the full article.