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Hiring an Employee: Taking the Employer Leap

Is your business beginning to take off? Have you reached the point where you feel as if you can’t do it all by yourself anymore? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of entrepreneurs face this question every day. If you’re considering hiring one or more employees to lighten your load, well, frankly, there’s a lot… Read the full article.

Small Business, Big Impact Q&A: Cassie Piasecki, Optimal Orthopedic Medical Group

Small Business, Big Impact Q&A Cassie Piasecki, President Optimal Orthopedic Medical Group Cassie Piasecki and her husband Jack, an orthopedic surgeon, started Optimal Orthopedic Medical Group in 2001, and currently employ five people, including office staff and doctors. As is the case with many small business owners, Cassie wears many hats as co-owner and office coordinator…. Read the full article.

Small Business, Big Impact Q&A: Sandra Brooks, BROOKSLACAYO

Small Business, Big Impact Q&A Sandra Brooks, President BROOKSLACAYO Sandra Brooks is founder and president of BROOKSLACAYO, a full-service advertising, branding, and public relations agency in Jacksonville, Florida. Sandra started the company in 2002, enjoyed double-digit growth through 2007, and now has six employees. BROOKSLACAYO specializes in intelligent strategy; on-target design; and clear, concise,… Read the full article.

Ms. Biz Goes to Washington for National Small Business Week

Hear, hear! National Small Business Week is almost here! We’re looking forward to honoring and empowering small businesses nationwide as part of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) weeklong celebration in Washington, D.C. Those of you who can’t make it to the District can still access all the information, sessions, and takeaways from the conference via… Read the full article.

Share Your Small Business Success Story with America

Entrepreneurs and small businesses make a powerful impact every day across the U.S. Whether it’s in its community, in the economy, with philanthropy, or through innovation, it’s clear that “small business is anything but ‘small,’” as the Huffington Post notes.