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Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

A big THANK YOU to all the administrative professionals in our offices and yours! And as if you needed proof, check out the five things your administrative assistant is better at than you (via Small Business Trends).

Paying it Forward:, Knowledge Sharing, and Collaboration

Coming off a fantastic startup marketing workshop at this year’s South-by-Southwest Interactive conference, Sprouter‘s Sarah Prevette sits down with to talk about the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration among entrepreneurs. My philosophy is that successful entrepreneurs want to pay their knowledge forward to the next generation of entrepreneurs, helping them learn and succeed… Read the full article.

Rock SXSW 2011 with BuildMyBiz

South-by-Southwest 2011 is underway in Austin, Texas, and BuildMyBiz is on the ground. This year’s interactive conference contains a TON of great content for entrepreneurs, startups, and SMBs — heck, even the enterprise folks are in on the action. Not sure which events to hit? Was your first choice standing-room only? BuildMyBiz is taking the… Read the full article.

The 11 Year-old CEO: An Impressive Small Business Profile

OPEN Forum profiles Lani Lazzari, who started her own cosmetics company at the ripe old age of 11. Now 16 with an eye toward college, Lazzari offers her advice to other would-be small business entrepreneurs, and recalls the early days of her business. “It was really hard for me in middle school,” Lazzarri admits. “The… Read the full article.

Forget About Funding (and 7 Other Keys to Loving Your Start-Up)

Fast Company (via an interview with ZogSports founder Robert Herzog) offers 8 tips for any small business owner or entrepreneur who actually wants to enjoy what they do, and be good at it. A number of points on this list are well worth the read, but one, in particular, can’t be understated: Hire the Happy… Read the full article.