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6 Mistakes to Avoid in a Recovering Economy

Solid planning advice from the American Express OPEN Forum. While you may feel like jumping for joy, hiring back your laid-off employees, and sinking significant investment into a shiny new venture… read this first. 6 Mistakes to Avoid in a Recovering Economy (via OPEN Forum)

Want A Successful Small Business? Learn The Fine Art Of Saying “No”

You’ve got the customer, or client, on your mind, you’re making conscious decisions to maintain high levels of service and communication, and you find yourself (and your business) up to your knees in agreements: ‘yes’ to this, ‘yes’ to that, ‘yes’ to the other. But, as Adam Gottlieb points out on Bloggertone, there is an… Read the full article.

Does Higher Pay Make People More Loyal?

The age-old question: what is the return on loyalty if I pay my employee more? Taken a step further, the question quickly becomes: if I pay my employees more, will they do a better job? Both are reasonable questions of any employer, and business owner Paul Downs suggests aiming for the sweet spot in employee… Read the full article.

Should Your Business Co-Operate?

Is co-operating — something between the home office and the cubicle — right for you and your business? It doesn’t need to be a dog-eat-dog world out there. Stop constantly competing against other local businesses, and instead, start working together to create stronger communities and better services. Your customers will appreciate it and I’m willing… Read the full article.

Is Your Business Taking Over Your Marriage?

Happy Valentine’s Day, business builders! Entrepreneur Magazine asks the question: is your business is taking over your marriage? Have a look at three couples trying to stay connected, handle the inevitable failure, and balance their work and home lives.