Build Online Success

Build Online SuccessWhether your business has been online for years, or you’re just beginning to sell products on the Web, the Build Online Success Blueprint includes several tools and tactics from Marketecture to help you get the most from your online efforts.

9 Steps to Business Success on the Web

  1. How Do I Get My Brand Online?
    Your brand is the personality of your business as viewed through the eyes of your customers and prospects. Learn how you can extend your brand online, and introduce your business and what it stands for to a larger and potentially more lucrative new market.
  2. How Can I Get the Most From My Website?
    Ask yourself five basic questions about your current website, or one you’re planning on creating, and you’ll be in a better place to start taking full advantage of your business’s presence on the Web. You’ll also be more likely to love the end result.
  3. Should My Business Have a Social Media Presence?
    While it’s true that a business selling directly to consumers may get more from social media than one selling to a corporation, it’s important for any business to establish itself in social media as part of its overall online strategy. This article will show you why, and how, to start being more social.
  4. What Does it Take to Market a Business?
    Learn 12 ways that your business can use online, offline, and social methods to promote your brand as well as your products and services. A little marketing planning can go a long way toward helping your business succeed.
  5. How Can I Sell My Products Online?
    To successfully sell products online takes more than just launching a website. Take a look at six ways you can start getting as much from your online sales efforts as you put in. 
  6. What’s the Next Step After Launching a Website?
    Once your business is online, the temptation is to wait for visitors to start coming to you. Instead, take a more active role in driving customers to your site by conducting some basic maintenance and good old-fashioned promotion.
  7. Besides a Website, What Online Sales Channels Should I Use?
    Succeeding online is about more than having a domain name and a Web page. These five guidelines can help you make the most of your site, and give potential customers a good impression of your business “brand.” 
  8. How Can I Make My Online Marketing Work 24 Hours a Day?
    One of the major benefits about marketing your business online is that it’s in operation all day and all night long, without you needing to stay up to operate it. Marketecture suggests six different ways you can turn your online presence into a 24-hour sales generator.
  9. Why Is It Important to Track the Results of Online Sales and Marketing?
    You may have a hunch about how your business is performing online, but without proper tracking and analytics, you may not know for sure. Fortunately, there are several basic ways to start tracking your online results, starting with perhaps the easiest and most important tactic: listen.

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