Buy A Business

Buy a Business
Not all successful entrepreneurs start their businesses from scratch. Buying a business or franchise location can help minimize your risk, but be sure to thoroughly review any opportunity before you agree to a sale.

5 Resources for Franchising or Buying a Business

  1. Why Should I Buy an Existing Business?
    Rather than dealing with the risk and hassles of growing a business from the seed of an idea, many entrepreneurs purchase established businesses. Find out why this may be the right option for you, and what issues you should look out for in the process of buying a business.
  2. How Do I Create a Franchising Strategy?
    Before you invest time and money into a franchise, learn as much as you can about the company first. You’ll have a better idea what to expect and where any potential risks may lie.
  3. Where Can I Get Information About Franchising?
    Franchise associations are treasure troves of information about franchising. Join before you buy a franchise and get advice from other experienced members on potential franchise opportunities and how to manage the business moving forward.
  4. How Do I Perform Due Diligence Before Buying a Business?
    Do your homework before you sign any transactions or business agreements in order to help reduce the risk to you and your future business. This article gives you some areas to focus on first.
  5. What Should Be Included in the Sales Agreement?
    Before you sign a sales agreement, read this article so you know what to look for in the document. If you find it meets all of your agreed-upon terms, then sign away. And congratulations on your new business!
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