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Find Funding Magnifying GlassLooking to fund your amazing business idea, or grow your existing business? The Find Funding Blueprint shows you who to talk to and what it takes to get your project off the ground and financially secure.

10 Questions to Ask Before Seeking Business Funding

  1. What is My Credit History?
    Knowing your credit score and history, as well as how credit factors into your ability to secure funding. is important if you’re hoping to get your business financed.
  2. What Government Business Loans Are Available?
    The U.S. Small Business Administration is a great resource for aspiring and current business owners. The organization offers help with several loan programs and has considerable knowledge of the funding process.
  3. What Do I Need to Apply for a Government Loan?
    The SBA Loan Application provides a list of forms and documents you and your lender will need to submit to the U.S. Small Business Administration.
  4. What Do I Need to Apply for a Private Business Loan?
    Although each loan application asks for some specific information, the majority of applications require similar documentation. Make sure you’re prepared with that information ahead of time.
  5. What is Venture Capital and How do I Apply?
    Venture capital is a form of equity financing for new businesses that cannot locate funding from traditional sources. This type of funding is especially important within the technology and other high-growth sectors.
  6. Where Can I Get Help Applying for a Business Loan?
    All fifty states, and even many local governments, have economic development agencies available to assist new and current business owners in growing their enterprises.
  7. What is My Lending Risk and How Can I Reduce It?
    The Biz2Credit BizAnalyzer(TM) tool shows the risk your business poses to potential lenders and suggests services to help you increase your chances of getting funded.
  8. Are There Funding Resources for Women-Owned Businesses?
    Many loans, programs, and training opportunities are specifically available to help women entrepreneurs start a business or expand their opportunities.
  9. Are There Funding Resources for  Veteran-Owned Businesses?
    Veterans and service-disabled veterans looking to start a business have access to specific agencies, conferences, and organizations dedicated to the business success of those who have served our country.
  10. Where Can I Learn More About Business Financing?
    Online training can help you find and understand your business financing options, which can make all the difference between moving forward and reevaluating your business potential.

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