Hire Employees

Before you hire, get some tips on how to handle the hiring process, from job descriptions, to interviews, employee screening, federal and state regulations, onboarding, and HR outsourcing.

7 Steps to Hiring Employees

  1. What Do I Need to Know to Hire a New Employee?
    If only hiring an employee were as simple as a handshake. Finding the right person for the job can be a complex process, especially if you’re not clear on the steps you need to take.
  2. How Does Employment Law Affect My Business?
    There are many federal, state, and local rules regarding hiring employees. While many large companies maintain in-house legal counsel and human resources departments, small business owners often need to learn about these laws and regulations themselves.
  3. What Hiring Regulations Affect Teen Employees?
    The federal government requires employers to follow general guidelines regarding teens’ work environment. There are also specific laws regarding the food service and restaurant industry, construction, and wholesale or manufacturing.
  4. How Does the Government Define Employment Discrimination?
    Understanding the definition of employment discrimination can help you prevent it from happening at your business. And if it does occur, you’ll know how to react accordingly.
  5. Where Do I Get I-9 Forms for New Employees?
    Form I-9 is required by law to be completed, signed, and kept on file for each of your employees. You can order a pad of 50 forms from the Paychex Direct Catalog. Just search for “I-9.” Or, you can find the form at
  6. Who Can Help My Business Hire Employees?
    Outsourcing employment screening and other human resources functions can save you time and effort, as well as give you the knowledge to help your business avoid regulatory penalties. Contact a Paychex representative for more about how they can assist with hiring, compliance, and employee management.
  7. What’s the Best Way to Welcome New Employees?
    Once you’ve hired a new employee, how do you make sure they understand your company and its policies, and stay enthusiastic about becoming a member of your team.

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