Payroll and Taxes

Payroll and Taxes
You’ve opened your business and hired employees, but along with that comes serious payroll responsibilities and tax obligations.

8 Things You Need to Know About Payroll and Taxes

  1. Where Can I Get a Good Introduction to Payroll?
    If you have not been responsible for payroll in the past, some terms and definitions can be confusing. This Payroll 101 guide will show you the basic information you’ll need to start running payroll for your business.
  2. What Federal Taxes Do I Need to Pay?
    As an employer, you are required to calculate taxes, pay employer taxes, remit tax payments, and file returns. Learn more about the types of federal taxes your business may be required to pay.
  3. Do I Need to Pay State and Local Taxes?
    Depending on your business type, where it is located, and other factors, you may be required to pay certain local and state taxes in addition to your federal tax responsibilities.
  4. How Do I Deposit Payroll Taxes?
    In order to ensure that your business complies with federal, state, and local government guidelines, you’ll need to understand payroll tax deposit rules and regulations.
  5. How Do I Avoid Payroll Mistakes?
    Businesses pay government agencies millions of dollars each year in labor and tax compliance penalties. It can pay to understand common payroll mistakes, and how you can help your business avoid them.
  6. How Do I Set Up a Payroll System?
    Setting up a payroll system can make complex payroll requirements easier. It allows you to stay on top of your legal and regulatory responsibilities as an employer, but it can also save you time and help protect your business from incurring costly IRS penalties.
  7. What If I Get Overwhelmed by Payroll Responsibilities?
    Professional payroll providers can help when you have issues processing payroll, remitting payroll and withholding taxes to government agencies, and dealing with workers’ compensation, health insurance, retirement plans, and garnishments.
  8. Who Can I Talk To About Outsourcing Payroll?
    Paychex offers 40 years of payroll knowledge and federal, state, and local tax experience with support from local representatives who know you and your business.

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