Sales and Marketing

Consider the products your business sells, and learn the basics about how to persuade perspective customers to buy them through marketing and advertising.

5 Steps to Begin Advertising Your Business

  1. Do I Need a Trademark?
    You have a great business idea and you’ve registered your business. Do you need to trademark your business name or products? The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has the answers in its Trademark FAQ.
  2. What Does Copyright Protect?
    It’s important to know the benefits and limitations of copyrighting your work in order to preserve the value of your property. Learn what can and should be copyrighted and how to work with the U.S. Copyright Office to get your marketing off on the right foot.
  3. How Do I Create a Marketing Plan?
    A strong marketing plan identifying your target market and competition, and how to differentiate your business and its products, can help you make more sales and keep your business competitive today and over the long haul.
  4. How Should I Advertise My Business?
    Advertising is simply one way to get the word out about your business and products. Whether it’s effective is up to you. Before you send your message into the world, learn about what advertising can and can’t do for your business, so you can ensure it has the most powerful impact possible on your prospective customers.
  5. Where Can I Get Business Cards and Brochures?
    Business cards and brochures are two of the most essential traditional advertising tools you should have when you start your business. BuildMyBiz offers a discount on business cards, brochures, promotional items, print supplies, and more, from

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