Boost small business sales by improving customer experience

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Understanding consumers of any industry is a complicated endeavor.

Understanding consumers is complicated in any industry. However, entrepreneurs can keep some strategies in mind to connect with their audience and boost small business sales.

When owners take the time to put these strategies to work and tailor them to their company and customers, it increases the chance of having customer relationships that can last for years. These tactics should be applied to the business as a whole, and all staff should know the expected outcomes.

Great customer experience
A McKinsey study found that 70 percent of purchases are made based on how the customer feels they’re being treated by the business. The experience of the consumer is key to increasing small business sales. A modest company is more capable of making the customer experience unique due to customers in close proximity and easier outreach.

Forbes talked to Elizabeth Brooks, SVP of content and marketing at LiveNation, whose goal is to make the one-time experience her customers may have memorable for a lifetime. Developing a brand means connecting to the emotions customers will feel when they interact with it.

“[Consumers] want to get a much more visceral, inclusive experience. They want to feel empowered, and in control of their access and consumption of content,” Brooks told Forbes.

Brooks gave an example of an energy drink, which is simple concoction of water, sugar, taurine and caffeine. A company has to showcase the drink as more than just that. It can attract consumers by relating the drink to action sports, and make the brand something that is fast, exciting, and energetic.

Connecting with staff
Not only do products impact clients, staff also influence the consumer experience. McKinsey’s report stated that customers are often missing that spark between themselves and staff in a business. They put in a lot of energy toward an emotional reaction, but when that’s lost, customers lose their faith in the business along with it.

Workers can avoid this outcome by finding simple ways to associate with patrons. Something as simple as having a goal to make a customer laugh during one simple interaction can create a lasting relationship and a memorable moment. Businesses should make all staff aware of these strategies. If they’re applied over time, the enterprise will develop a reputation for having long-lasting relationships with customers.

Improving the quality of the business doesn’t always mean investing in the latest technology. A solution can be as simple as finding better ways to create great experiences for customers.

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