These businesses make a difference in their communities, the economy, philanthropy and innovation. What's your business story?

Cracker Box Palace,Inc. – Large Animal Shelter

Alton, New York

Cracker Box Palace is a not-for-profit farm animal shelter in Wayne County, NY that cares for up to 200 farm-type animals that arrive due to cruelty cases, retirement or due to life circumstances changing.



After 25 years of senior management Fortune 150 corporate senior management and entrepreneurial experience overseeing and directly involved with finances of thousands of small and midsized businesses, I started my own company providing debt management and privatized banking concepts to business owners.

Open Door Group Family Day Care Center


Providing quality care to the families in my community is vital. Parents need to know that their most precious treasures are in a safe and nurturing environment during the day.

Alpine Communications

Atlanta , Georgia

I am founder and president of Alpine Communications, a boutique public relations and marketing communications firm based in Atlanta.

Nicasio Design & Development

Savannah, Georgia

How we an impact is very simple; we help out. How? Well, that’s the story…