These businesses make a difference in their communities, the economy, philanthropy and innovation. What's your business story?

Vistra Communications

Tampa, Florida

Vistra Communications has served the community since its founding in 2007. The Laundry Love Project is one example of Vistra’s positive influence in the lives of others.

Alt Creative

Austin, Texas

Alt Creative is an Austin-based design agency. Our city has given our company room to grow, a variety of awesome clients/partners, and the freedom to be unique.

Leap of Faith Clothing

Charlotte, North Carolina

My name is Carly and I am the owner of Leap of Faith Clothing. I am what you could call a “Pre-Momprenuer”! While I am not yet a mother I left my corporate job to take the “Leap of Faith” and become an entrepreneur.

Catholic Hospice & Palliative Services

Wexford, Pennsylvania

Our small but mighty hospice is in a city inundated with national, for-profit and business-minded, non-profit hospice programs who have lost sight of the life behind the illness.

Neumann Sloat Blanco Architects LLP

San Anselmo, California

Neumann Sloat Blanco Architects LLP is a building envelope consulting firm that helps building owners, architects, contractors and property managers design new and remodel existing buildings to maximize durability and minimize risk.