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News on funding a business, managing finances, and paying federal and state taxes.

Financing options increasing for small businesses

During the recession, small businesses throughout the nation were hit hard by sharp decreases in revenue and declines in the amount of loans being given out by financial institutions.

Massachusetts program supports small business lending through community banks

Despite it being a little more than four years since the U.S. plunged into a recession, small business funding remains a stressful topic among entrepreneurs.

Google invites more businesses to use its credit card

Over the last few years, search engine giant Google has been expanding its efforts to help local companies succeed.

Small business lending increases

Entrepreneurs are getting more opportunities for small business funding, as new research has shown that both banks and the federal government are helping developing companies gain access to necessary capital.

Small businesses see slow growth in recent hiring numbers

Small businesses around the country have recently experienced stagnant growth when it comes to hiring new employees, which perhaps is a result of steady but slow economic conditions.