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How companies can improve by being aware of the challenges women face

Women business owners have been trying their best to reach the top of the food chain in the business world ever since they became involved with it, and for good reason.

4 ways to boost employee retention in a small business

Great employees are hard to come by, and when they do come into a small business, entrepreneurs have to do their best to build a long-lasting relationship.

How to improve business processes by inspiring employees

There are strategies supervisors can use outside of small business HR approaches to make workers enjoy their jobs and become more than loyal to the company.

How small businesses can use the cloud to get started

The cloud allows small businesses to grow without the hassles of building their own infrastructure, saving on costs while also positioning themselves to grow.

How to become an efficient and strategic leader

There are a variety of ways entrepreneurs can become more decisive to improve their leadership qualities through small business HR.