Sales and Marketing News

Revolutionizing your small business social strategy, part one

Small business marketing strategies often group individual platforms such as Twitter and Facebook under the all-purpose umbrella of “social media.”

Delving into the small business advantage

Why do consumers choose to patronize small businesses?

Small business owners more optimistic, studies find

The most recent iteration of the PNC Economic Outlook survey heralds good news for those in the small and mid-sized business sector.

Giving and receiving good customer service – the small business way

Although entrepreneurs have high standards in terms of the enterprises with which they do business, they can sometimes drop the ball when it comes to delivering high-quality customer service themselves.

How to use the small business edge to your advantage

In an age when a consumer can walk into a big-box brick-and-mortar establishment that stocks whatever he or she needs all in one place or make a purchase by simply clicking a few computer keys or pressing a couple of smartphone buttons, how can SMBs hope to compete?