Women Entrepreneurs News

How can women entrepreneurs get ahead?

A recent Entrepreneur piece outlined several concrete ways female business-owners can make their mark.

4 tips for aspiring women business owners

Dana Loberg, CEO and co-founder of social network and movie marketing platform MovieLaLa, recently offered four tips for aspiring women business owners.

Women business owners well-positioned for success

As the 21st century wears on and the characteristics of successful modern leaders become more and more in sync with those embodied by many women, the outlook is growing increasingly rosy for women business owners.

Successful women entrepreneurs boost optimism levels

Things are looking up for women entrepreneurs. According to a new study by the National Association of Women Business Owners and Web.com Group, 87 percent of female company leaders are optimistic about the future of their firms.

Women business owners continue to succeed

Women business owners have good reason to celebrate in March. Not only is it Women’s History Month, there is newly released evidence to show just how successful women leaders have proven themselves to be.