Women Entrepreneurs News

Business ideas for women: Invest in a franchise

Entrepreneurs may find themselves entering the franchise business in coming years, and the history of Auntie Anne’s pretzels demonstrates exactly why these types of organizations can be excellent business ideas.

Women business owners partnered with spouses keep the love alive

Successful women entrepreneurs may find running a business with a spouse can be difficult at times, but three marriages featured in Entrepreneur show that love can be made even stronger when tied to a couple's work.

Successful women entrepreneurs are not made from business degrees

Hopeful women business owners may find themselves leaning towards academic programs toting "entrepreneurship" and "business management" titles, but sources say they can be perfectly successful without specific degrees.

Are women business owners the future of the global economy?

Women business owners may not be particularly good at building large money-making corporations, but consistency and small organization focus is finding the demographic exceptional powerful in numbers.

Women’s Business Centers support female entrepreneurs

Women-owned businesses make up an increasingly larger proportion of the small business sector, especially as support systems and capital become more accessible.