How to become an efficient and strategic leader

May 7, 2015 in

There are a variety of ways entrepreneurs can become more decisive to improve their leadership qualities through small business HR.

Even if a business is small, it doesn’t take any less guts or leadership skills to run it right. Owners need to have employees respect and look up to them, and accomplishing that takes strategy. Here are a variety of ways entrepreneurs can become more decisive to improve their leadership qualities.

Think and observe recommended entrepreneurs watch employees and ask what seem like obvious questions, such as how things are accomplished, what customers think about the business, and what is working and what isn’t. Reviewing these corporate processes will keep business owners on track with how their enterprises are doing and how much employees are engaged with their positions. Workers will appreciate and look up to owners who do this, as they are more likely to feel their efforts are appreciated when they’re being observed.

The source also suggested adopted convergent thinking, which means considering any possibility, direction or bump in the road the company can experience. Entrepreneurs must think about solutions and options before the opportunity comes to use them, and always having a backup plan.

Correspondence between workers and the business owner is crucial. If there’s someone running the company but no face to see or talk to, employees’ loyalty will be affected. Great Leaders Serve highlighted the obstacles entrepreneurs may face when trying to communicate with their employees.

Bias was one of them. Hearsay and gossip are impossible to extinguish in any company, and leaders are not unaffected by it. Filters and misconceptions can create a vision of a situation or employee that is completely distorted from the reality, which is why direct communication is key. Instead of business owners accepting what they want to hear, they should go out of their way to find the main source and discover the truth.

Notice and reward
Employees love incentives, and those who work hard deserve them. mentioned that praise is commonly reserved for those who have given up their vacation to solve a problem or have taken extra time to work hard. These shouldn’t be the only reasons to give back to dedicated workers—many employees find innovative ways to get their work done and push their own efficiency. These productive workers should be rewarded as well, as it encourages strategic thinking in lower-level positions.

Wherever employers can praise, reward, and observe employees in their work environments, they can help encourage stronger loyalty to them as a boss, and to the organization as a whole.

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