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Obtain the Necessary Business Licenses

Once you have a registered agent and an EIN, you’ll actually be able to file the paperwork to establish your business. But before you can open your doors, you’ll need to obtain the correct business licenses. First of all, what exactly is a business license? A business license is any government issued permit or registration… Read the full article.

Make Sure Your Business Has a Registered Agent and an Employee Identification Number

Your registration paperwork likely asked you to designate a registered agent and your Employee Identification Number. If you don’t have either of these, it’s vital that you apply for them before anything can be processed. First of all, what is a registered agent and what do they do? Well, once a business is formed on… Read the full article.

File For Incorporation with the State

Now that you’ve chosen a state, you have to file the actual paperwork. Corporations and LLCs have their own forms, known respectively as the Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Organization. These documents act as a sort of birth certificate for your new business. These documents include such things as: the entity’s name, address, registered… Read the full article.

Determine the State in Which You Want to Incorporate

Once your name is secured, you can move on to choosing a state. One of the first steps in becoming a small business owner is deciding where you’d like to incorporate your business. Whether you form a corporation, an LLC, LLP, Non Profit, C Corporation, or S Corporation, there’s no avoiding the filing fees of… Read the full article.

Choose a Business Name and Make Sure It is Available For Use

After you’ve decided on a type of entity, you need to choose a business name. Now, if you already run a sole-proprietorship, you probably already have a ‘Doing Business As’ name. But if you haven’t registered your name, we suggest writing down a few possibilities, and then performing a free name check. Most states have… Read the full article.