Better Employee Management: Eight Critical Areas for Small Business Success

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Hiring, payroll, health care, and retirement benefits; it’s enough to make a small-business owner’s head spin. While most recognize that these are critical human resource tasks, they also know that their time is at a premium. While their efforts are best spent on the nuts and bolts of improving their businesses, if small-business employers can address the most critical human resources topics, they will be ahead of the competition in securing and keeping the best talent. Certain human resource areas must be managed properly to help keep employees productive and happy, and to help a small business thrive. These eight critical areas include the following:

  1. Payroll is a complex process that must be carried out accurately, on time, and in compliance with state and federal wage and hour laws.
  2. Employee communication helps a workforce focus on business objectives and mission.
  3. Benefits can make a small company look bigger, and more attractive to potential employees.
  4. Worksite safety and loss preovention reduce risk and help avoid accidents and fines.
  5. Compliance helps keep a business in line with employment statutes and regulations.
  6. Interviewing and hiring, when done effecitvely, may help to maximize the potential for employee success.
  7. Employee motivation and develpment may be critical for employee learning and advancement.
  8. Employee separation, whether voluntary or involuntary, requires certain HR tasks that are critical to business operations.

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