Handling Legal Concerns

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It makes good business sense to know how to handle legal issues that impact your business. Not all legal matters require a lawyer, but they do require understanding. Sometimes the best way to protect yourself and your business is to know where to go for assistance.

  • Consumer’s Guide To Legal Help On The Internet
    Links to an American Bar Association’s (ABA) guide on legal help for the consumer.
  • ABA Lawyer Referral Service
    Lists lawyers in your state who are prepared to help you.
  • Your State Bar Association
    Links to the American Bar Association’s guide to finding bar associations in your state.
  • Fees and Expenses
    Explains the importance of negotiating legal fees when first visiting a lawyer. You have a right to know how you will be charged, how much the case is likely to cost, and when you have to pay. Additionally, it is important to get a fee agreement in writing. Typical fee arrangements include: hourly fees calculated by multiplying the amount of hours an attorney works on your case by an agreed upon hourly rate, a fixed predetermined rate for the attorney’s work, and a percentage of any judgment amount awarded to you.
  • Arbitration
    Explains arbitration, which provides a quicker and less expensive method to resolving disputes.
  • Plain English Guide To Contracts
    Offers a simple, easy explanation about contracts.
  • Hiring A Lawyer FAQs
    Shares answers to commonly asked questions about hiring a lawyer.
  • SCORE Legal Questions
    Provides legal questions regarding business and answers by the SCORE organization.
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