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Determine Whether Your Business Should Be a Corporation or LLC

Once you’ve decided to turn your business into its own separate, legal entity, you need to choose the right structure. Corporations and limited liability companies are both very popular entities, and both help protect you by limiting your personal liability. There are, however, some key differences between the two structures, and the right choice for… Read the full article.

Evaluate the Benefits of Incorporating or Forming an LLC vs. Remaining a Sole Proprietor

Chances are good that your business is currently a sole proprietorship – a little over 70% of all American businesses are. All you really need to do to start a sole proprietorship is file for any business licenses and permits that you need, register a ‘Doing Business As’ name and, if you expect to hire… Read the full article.

6 Key Elements Every Website Needs

In the information age, your website will be one of the most important things about your business. It is how people discover you, how they keep in touch with you, how they find out what you do, and even how they’ll buy from you. There are a few key elements that every website needs and… Read the full article.

How to Use Google+ For Your Business

Google+ is not often taken seriously. Put up against the behemoth that is Facebook, many people scoff at how little of an impact Google+ seems to be making in the social media world. However, dismissing Google+ entirely is not in your best interest. No, its numbers aren’t impressive when compared to Facebook – but neither… Read the full article.

5 Tips for Marketing Your Small Business on Twitter

Believe it or not, Twitter isn’t just a hub for teenagers and illiterate rappers to rant about the latest. Businesses and professionals are utilizing Twitter for everything from connecting with potential customers to sharing coupon codes or even using it as their customer service engine. There are countless reasons that you should have your business… Read the full article.