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A Beginner’s Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Once you’ve gone through all the effort of setting up a website for your small business, the next step is to actually get visitors to the site. And if you’re planning on the “if you build they will come” marketing strategy, you may want to re-think your strategy. Sure, that’d be nice, but it’s just… Read the full article.

7 Things to Look for Before Sending Out Your Marketing Email

At a restaurant, there are a lot of factors that impact your experience. The wait staff, the ambiance, the prices, the selection on the menu, and the visual presentation of the food all affect how you feel about the overall affair. Without a doubt, though, the most important aspect is the food itself. If the… Read the full article.

6 Strategies to Better Market Your Business on YouTube

When thinking of social media, YouTube might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Facebook, Twitter, even LinkedIn would probably come to mind before the popular video sharing site we all know and love. Despite that, YouTube is a valuable tool for the business social media world. It’s the 3rd most popular website… Read the full article.

5 Tips for a Killer SEO Strategy

SEO is a huge buzzword (buzz-acronym?) in small business circles. Everybody tells you that you need to have good SEO, you need to work on your SEO, etc. The thing is, what does it all mean? Is SEO a real thing, or is it just the unicorn of the marketing world? First off, you should… Read the full article.

5 Great Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing

The social media site, Pinterest, has been steadily growing in popularity since its creation in 2010, and recently it’s been estimated to surpass twitter in active users in the near future, if it hasn’t done so already. It seems like every time a social media site is created, marketers are asking how they can use… Read the full article.