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Selling your products online can be seriously tricky. It’s easy to feel like a little (yet important!) fish in a huge, huge sea. You have probably created the most killer and innovative product that has the potential to completely transform the world and yet you just aren’t getting a steady flow of business. Sound familiar?

Well, keep with it. In today’s online-centered and tech savvy world, the internet marketplace is an excellent place to be. Customers from all over the world are able to see your products and learn about your company. People who sell online do not have to invest thousands of dollars finding a place to set up shop and are able to set their own work hours. They are also able to employ their creative-minds and develop new ways to market their business, display their products, and engage with customers.

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Yes, it may seem like a daunting task and seemingly endless fight—there are so many sites on the World Wide Web, after all, how is yours ever going to stand a chance?  

Fear not! Your spirits may be downtrodden and your efforts may seem wasted, but you can only go up! Here are a few tried and true ways to pick them back up and start selling your kick-butt product on the internet (successfully):

  1. Dress it up… — Dismiss everything your sweet grandmother told you, looks do matter. Dress your product up like it’s a celebrity going to the Oscar’s (that’s a thing, right?). Pick nice packaging, fancy up the online-description, and give it a spiffy title. Make sure you accessorize your products with heavy keywords and tags so people using search engines are able to find it. Don’t be modest!
  2. Set the stage… — Think of your website as the stage for your superstar products. A good stage would have the perfect lighting, acoustics, and props, right? Your website should too. Ensure that your website is professional and enhances your product. Your site should be easy to navigate for customers and your products should be displayed in a sensible manner on a page.
  3. Test it out… —Countless websites don’t successfully sell products because they simply don’t work. When you try to order something, you are led to a page that doesn’t exist or are left dazed and confused. Either the business hasn’t configured their e-commerce system or it will not accept credit cards (who don’t accept credit cards online?). Make sure to give your site a few test drives on different computers—are you able to navigate your site properly? Can you order something? Does it accept payment?
  4. Do your homework… — You may be the 1,000th person selling sweatshirts online, but you can be the best if you do some homework. Find out who your competitors are and check their prices. Offer discounts or coupons for frequent visitors or considering lowering your prices.
  5. Be painfully nice… — Okay, not painfully. But offer killer customer-service. I know, I know—how does one even translate customer-service online? Send your customers a ‘thank you’ email after they’ve ordered something or offer online support if any bugs are discovered by your visitors.
  6. Spread the word… — Encourage your customers to write a review about your product. Use social media to engage with a potential target audience and advertise your product for free. Squeeze your product into conversations with people and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Make sure that people know exactly what you do, where to find you, and what you are all about on the internet. In order to gain a steady following, you might have to start advertising and promoting your business by yourself. Be relentless!

Another way to spread the word is to get lots of affiliates. This will help you to spread the word about your product and cover more bases on the internet. People from different sites all over the globe will be able to share your product for a small incentive.

Keep up the effort and continue to invest time and faith into your online business. You will get out of it as much as you put in.

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