Compliance Materials

Federal and state business regulations and how to comply with them.

Determine Whether Your Business Should Be a Corporation or LLC

Once you’ve decided to turn your business into its own separate, legal entity, you need to choose the right structure. Corporations and limited liability companies are both very popular entities, and both help protect you by limiting your personal liability. There are, however, some key differences between the two structures, and the right choice for… Read the full article.

Evaluate the Benefits of Incorporating or Forming an LLC vs. Remaining a Sole Proprietor

Chances are good that your business is currently a sole proprietorship – a little over 70% of all American businesses are. All you really need to do to start a sole proprietorship is file for any business licenses and permits that you need, register a ‘Doing Business As’ name and, if you expect to hire… Read the full article.

Employer Shared Responsibility: Why Failure To Act Could Mean Risky Business

Even with a one-year delay, there are steps employers should take now to prepare for employer shared responsibility (ESR) and minimize the risk of potential penalties later.

7 Questions Every Small Business Employer Will Need to Answer

With the answers to the seven questions in this e-book from Paychex, small business employers can get back to focusing on why they went into business in the first place.

Economic Development Agencies

Find your state’s economic development agency for help with starting up, finances, site selection, and employee recruitment and training.